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2. The articles of war             Engleski jezik

            O čemu se sve prepiru editori na Wikipediji

3. Kirgistanski čarobni pasulj

            Pretvara se u pirinač posle pakovanja

4. Špigl - dvojnici poznatih

            Foto-feljton: dvojnici poznatih ličnosti.

7. Papirnata lutkica

            Obucite Dejvida Bouvija!

7. Locirajte se!                       Engleski jezik

            Vi mora da ste iz… ako je većina ovih tvrdnji tačna (Škotska; 5545-5565)

Sačuvajte ovaj broj! Možete od njega da napravite: molersku kapu, brodić, avion koji leti…

Urednicima ostalih časopisa: Budite fer i ostavite link za ovaj časopis kad već uzimate materijal odavde!



            Ovo je spisak članaka na "Wikipediji" oko kojih se i dalje lome koplja među editorima. Najčešće su to banalni razlozi, ali se zato broj editovanja konstantno povećava.



            As there was no year zero, the millennium we are currently in started in 2011. (broj editovanja: 2918)


2006 Atlantic hurricane season

            Tropical storm Zeta formed on 30. December, 2005 and lasted until 6. January, 2006. Which hurricane season does this count as? (broj editovanja: 3254)


Angels & Airwaves is/are a band

            British English requires "are", as the band compromises multiple people. American English requires "is", as the band is a singular entity. (broj editovanja: 8055)


            Massive fight! (broj editovanja: 5462)


André the Giant

            How tall was he? 7'4"? 6'10"? Was his height even consistent? (broj editovanja: 3766)


Ann Coulter

            Was the right wing US commentator born in 1961 or 1963? (broj editovanja: 10.790)



            Appropriate to include a huge picture of a tarantula on a page about fear of spiders? (broj editovanja: 640)



            Should article use an image of a human anus? If so, male or female? Hairless or "moderately hairy"? (broj editovanja: 2136)


The Beatles
            Should they be listed in "traditional" order or alphabetically? And is it "The Beatles" or "the Beatles"? (broj editovanja: 17.608)

Veverica budi macu


Brazil or Brasil?

            (broj editovanja: 11.751)

Kirgistanski čarobni pasulj


            "Owner", "caregiver" or "human companion"? Which words describe the correct relationship between man and beast? (broj editovanja: 10.996)


Cow tipping

            Appropriate to include a picture of a cow with the caption "An unsuspecting potentional victim"? (broj editovanja: 2155)



            An argument about syntax in a sentence regarding the Church's historical definition of orthodoxy and heresy. (broj editovanja: 15.647)



            Is it NPOV (Neutral Point of View) to say an animal is "cute"? (broj editovanja: 21)


Clover (Creature)

            Cloverfield, Clover, The Cloverfield creature or Clover (creature)? (broj editovanja: 1654)


Death star

            120km or 160km in diameter? (broj editovanja: 1856)


Fossil fuel for reciprocating piston engines equipped with spark plugs

            Should this substance be called "gasoline" or "petrol"? (broj editovanja: 2927)


Freddie Mercury

            Of Iranian, Indian, Parsi or Azeri ancestry? (broj editovanja: 11.439)



            Was protagonist Fry cryonically frozen or crygenically frozen (or even cryogenically frozen)? (broj editovanja: 8731)


Grey/Gray squirrel

            Slow and remorseless edit war over this spelling. (broj editovanja: 1124)

Grace Kelly and Cher

          Gay icons? (broj editovanja: 2282)


House MD

         Should we mention the show's lack of asian diversity? (broj editovanja: 8423)



            Should hummus be in the "Israeli cuisine" category or is it a purely Arab food the Zionist have illegally occupied? (broj editovanja: 2076)


Iron Maiden

            Which is more famous – the band or the torture device? (broj editovanja: 9388)


 Niki Minaž  Džinks (pokemon)

Niki Minaj & Jynx

Jimmy Wales

            The Wikipedia founder edited his own birthdate. (broj editovanja: 8628)


John Kerry

            Was his "Purple heart" awarded for a "wound" or a "minor wound"? Was it "bandaged" or just "wrapped with gauze"? (broj editovanja: 12.629)


John Logie Baird

            Can you be both Scottish and British? (broj editovanja: 1122)


Jennifer Aniston

            American or American-born? Greek American? English American? (broj editovanja: 6536)


User: Jimbo Wales

            A war over the background colour of various parts of the user page. (broj editovanja: 8721)


J. K. Rowling

            Pronounced "rolling" or does it rhyme with "howling"? (broj editovanja: 5950)




            A very long dispute over whether to use B.C. or A.D. Jesus! (broj editovanja: 21.864)

Kiev, capital of Ukraine

            Kiev (Russian) or Kyiv (Ukrainian)? Edit war involved both Russian and Ukrainian goverments. (broj editovanja: 3026)


Limp Bizkit

            Are the band "nu metal/rapcore" or "rapcore/nu metal"? (broj editovanja: 6372)



            Does traditional mayonnaise contain lemon juice or not? (broj editovanja: 1984)


Money (Pink Floyd song)

            What exactly is this song's time signature? 7/8, 7/4 or even 21/8? (broj editovanja: 573)


Nikola Tesla

            Born of Serbian parents in Austrian Empire, which became a part of the Hungarian half of Austria-Hungary and is now in Croatia. Category nightmare! (broj editovanja: 7449)



            What does this piece of geek slang actually mean? Who invented it? How do you pronounce it? (broj editovanja: 26)



            Are they 8-12 years old? 9-12? 10-12? 8-13? Even 17 years old? (broj editovanja: 544)



            Is the politician more famous than the Monty Python member? (broj editovanja: 289)


Potato chip

            Flavored or flavoured? Compromise: "seasoned". (broj editovanja: 2268)


Sulfur or Sulphur?

            (broj editovanja: 3950)


Star Wars

            Are Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader the same character? What order should the films appear in? Should actors from the Special Editions be credited? (broj editovanja: 12.869)


Silent Hill 3

            What is the last name of the video game's protagonist? (broj editovanja: 3095)



Street fighter character articles

            Drawn-out edit wars over the correct heights and weights of fictional characters. (broj editovanja: 2147)



            The "most powerful living cat"? (broj editovanja: 5303)



            Are Bono's harmonica skills relevant in an encyclopedia entry? (broj editovanja: 10.367)


US Election 2008

            Is Stephen Colbert considered a serious candidate? If so, was it Stephen Colbert (comedian) or Stephen Colbert (character)? (broj editovanja: 14.957)



            "Wii", "Nintendo Wii" or "the Wii"? Should "wee" link here or to the artickle on urine? (broj editovanja: 20.077)



            Is Jimmy Wales the founder or a co-founder with Larry Sanger? (broj editovanja: 29.041)


Yoghurt or Yogurt?

            (broj editovanja: 3135)

Dejvid Bouvi papirna lutkica

(prim. red.: verziju za štampanje možete naći ovde)


¤        Vi mora da ste iz Škotske ako… (UK/SCO poglavlje CIII)
You can stroll into a newsagent and tear off a lovely, chewy, bit burnt, delicious (Mortons) Scottish Morning roll from the huge rack in white paper!
5546. You think that all the things Robert Burns ever wrote, summed up all the good and bad things about being Scottish.
5547. You pretend there is nobody in on Halloween night (close curtains, lights dimmed etc) to avoid having to listen to 5 kids from your street tell shockingly bad jokes. You sometimes give in and chuck some peanuts, tangerine and smarties at them etc. You love the fact Hallloween gives you an excuse to dress up, go to a party and get wasted on a "school" night!

5548. Your christmas stockings always had a tangerine in them.

5549. You probably prefer other spirits to whisky but when you're abroad and see "Glenfiddich etc" on the bar you feel compelled to order it!
5550. You have binged on McVities chocolate digestives. It was a Scot that invented them… Surprising eh?
5551. You tell people with pride that Glasgow has the busiest criminal court in Europe.
5552. You really enjoy swearing. There's really nothing better than telling someone: "Haw you ya cunt! Get tae fuck!" or "Get it up ye".
5553. Living abroad and you speak to someone, you are guaranteed one of three responses:
            1. They are scared of you because of your accent.
            2. They don't understand you because of your accent.
            3. They think you've got a sexy accent but still can't understand you.
5554. You've voted for Scots in TV talent contests just because, em, they're Scottish.

5555. You can ask for a poke in any shop without the police being called.
5556. You can buy whisky flavoured condoms from the machine in the toilets!
5557. Studying abroad your friends refer to you as "Scotland", "the Scot", "Scotty", "The Drunk Scot" or even "Crazy Scotsman/woman" etc.
5558. You insist on driving in the middle lane when there are three or more empty lanes available (all going the same way).
5559. Sometimes you avoid saying "England" by just saying "down south". Even though you're living in say Inverness and "down south" could be Stirling etc.
Bar code zebra

5560. You go to London and people speak to you in a patronising way like: "Oh do you have Urban Outfitters up there? God, I just didn't think, you… Eh, they would go that far north", "An Apple shop opening in Glasgow, I can't see it lasting long up there" etc.

5561. You don't find anything weird about it being sunny when you walk into a building and find it's pouring with rain/sleet/hail when you walk out.
5562. It's actually cheaper to fly to France than get a train from central Scotland to Aberdeen or somewhere.
5563. You find yourself more interested in the alcohol content than the name of the wine.
5564. Foreign people say to you "I take it you go to the Edinburgh Festival every summer then?" and you leave them shocked with your blase response "Naah…".
5565. You know Edinburgh chip shops will try and destroy your fish supper with "Salt "n Sauce?" before you can say "No, I want vineg…aw…".


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