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Nedelja, 12. V 7532.

Logo Leteći bumbar #477

U ovom broju donosimo:

2. Kodovi (½)

            Tajne naredbe koje koriste asistenti na fakultetima

4. Ove nedelje u bioskopu "Ode on"

            Poslednji film nindža kornjača!

7. Mućke

            Odabrani dijalozi iz kultne serije

Sačuvajte ovaj broj! Možete od njega da napravite: molersku kapu, brodić, avion koji leti…

Urednicima ostalih časopisa: Budite fer i ostavite link za ovaj časopis kad već uzimate materijal odavde!


KODOVI (1/2)

Skraćenica                   Objašnjenje

AAC                            Alter All Commands

AAR                            Alter At Random

AB                               Add Backwards

ACC                            Advance CPU Clock

AEE                             Absolve Engineering Errors

AFVC                          Add Finagle's Variable Constant

AIB                              Attack Innocent Bystander

AWTT                         Assemble With Tinker Toys

BAC                            Branch to Alpha Centauri

BAF                             Blow All Fuses

BAFL                          Branch And FLush

BBT                             Branch on Binary Tree

BBW                           Branch Both Ways

BCIL                           Branch Creating Infinite Loop

BDC                            Break Down and Cry

Pileća supica
BB                               (something to keep an IU grad's brain company)

BBIL                            Branch on Burned-out Indicator Light

BDT                             Burn Data Tree

BEW                            Branch Either Way

BF                               Belch Fire

BH                               Branch and Hang

BIRM                          Branch on Index Register Missing

BMR                            Branch Multiple Registers

BOB                            Branch On Bug

BOD                            Beat On the Disk

BOHP                          Bribe Operator for Higher Priority

BOI                             Byte Operator Immediately

BPDI                           Be Polite, Don't Interrupt

BPO                            Branch on Power Off

BRSS                           Branch on SunSpot

BSO                            Branch on Sleepy Operator

BST                             Backspace and Stretch Tape

BW                              Branch on Whim

CBNC                         Close, But No Cigar

CCD                            Clear Core and Dump

CDC                            Close Disk Cover

CDIOOAZ                  Calm Down, It's Only Ones And Zeroes

CEMUS                       Close Eyes and Monkey with User Space

Korn u Moskvi

CH                               Create Havoc

CLBR                          CLoBber Register

CLBRI                         CLoBber Register Immediately

CM                              Circulate Memory

CMD                           Compare Meaningless Data

CML                            Compute Meaning of Life

CNB                            Cause Nervous Breakdown

COLB                          Crash for Operator's Lunch Break

CPPR                          Crumple Printer Paper and Rip

CRASH                       Continue Running After Stop or Halt

CRB                            Crash and Burn

CRN                            Convert to Roman Numerals

CS                               Crash System

CSL                             Curse and Swear Loudly

CU                               Convert to Unary

CVG                            Convert to Garbage

CWOM                       Complement Write-Only Memory

CZZC                          Convert Zone to Zip-Code

DBTP                          Drop Back Ten and Punt

DBZ                             Divide By Zero

DC                               Divide and Conquer

DDC                            Dally During Calculations

DLN                            Don't Look Now...
DMNS                         Do What I Mean, Not what I Say

DMPE                         Decide to Major in Phys. Ed.

DMPK                         Destroy Memory Protect Key

DNPG                         Do Not Pass Go

DO                              Divide and Overflow

DOC                            Drive Operator Crazy

DP                               Punch Invalid

DPMI                          Declare Programmer Mentally Incompetent

DPR                             Destroy Program

DTC                            Destroy This Command

DTE                             Decrement Telephone Extension

DTVFL                        Destroy Third Variable From Left

DW                              Destroy World

ECO                            Electrocute Computer Operator

EEOIFNO                   Execute Every Other Instruction From Now On

EFD                             Emulate Frisbee using Disk pack

EBB                             Edit and Blank Buffer

EC                               Eat Card

EIAO                           Execute In Any Order

EM                              Emulate 407

EMW                           Emulate Matag Washer

ENF                             Emit Noxious Fumes

EP                                Execute Programmer

EROS                          Erase Read-Only Storage

EXOP                          Execute Operator

EXPP                           Execute Political Prisoner

FLI                              Flash Lights Impressively

EIOC                           Execute Invalid Op-Code

FSM                            Fold, Spindle and Mutilate

EPI                              Execute Programmer Immediately

FSRA                          Forms Skip and Run Away

EMPC                         Emulate Pocket Calculator

EMSE                          Edit and Mark Something Else GCAR                         Get Correct Answer Regardless

Poslednji film nindža kornjača

GDP                            Grin Defiantly at Programmer

GFD                            Go Forth and Divide

GFM                            Go Forth and Multiply

HCF                            Halt and Catch Fire

HCP                            Hide Central Processor

IAE                              Ignore All Exceptions

IAI                               Inquire And Ignore

IBP                              Insert Bug and Proceed

IIB                               Ignore Inquiry and Branch

ISC                              Insert Sarcastic Comments

JTZ                              Jump to Twilight Zone

KCE                            Kill Consultant on Error

LAP                             Laugh At Programmer

LCC                            Load and Clear Core

LPA                             Lead Programmer Astray

LSPSW                       Load and Scrample PSW

MAZ                            Multiply Answer by Zero

MBF                            Multiply and Be Fruitfull

MLR                            Move and Lose Record

MST                            Mount Scotch Tape

MW                             Malfunction Whenever

MWAG                       Make Wild-Assed Guess

MWT                           Malfunction Without Telling

OML                           Obey Murphy's Laws

P$*]                             Punch Obscenity

PBC                             Print and Break Chain

PD                               Play Dead

PDSK                          Punch Disk

PEHC                          Punch Extra Holes in Cards

PFD                             Punt on Fourth Down

PI                                 Punch Invalid

PLSC                           Perform Light Show on Console

PNRP                          Print Nasty Replies to Programmer


POCL                          Punch Out Console Lights

POPI                           Punch Operator Immediately

PPSW                          Pack Program Status Word

PS*                              Punch obscenity

PSD                             Pause and smoke dope

PVLC                          Punch variable length card

RA                               Randomize answer

RASC                          Read and shred card

RBT                             Rewind and break tape

RCB                            Read command backwards

RD                               Reverse directions

RDA                            Refuse to disclose answer

RDB                            Run disk backwards

RDI                             Reverse dum immediate

RDS                             Read sideways

RIRG                           Read inter-record gap

RLI                              Rotate left indefinitely

ROC                            Randomize OP codes

ROO                            Rub out operator

RPB                             Read print and blush

RPM                            Read programmer's mind

RRSGWSSNK            Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows

RSC                             Read and shred card

RSD                             On read error self destruct

RSTOM                       Read from store-only memory

RT                               Reduce thruput

RTS                             Return to sender

RWCR                         Rewind card reader

SCCA                          Short circuit on correct answer

SAI                              Skip all instructions

SFH                             Set flags to half-mast

SFT                             Stall for time

SHAB                          Shift a bit

SAS                             Sit and spin

SHABM                      Shift a bit more

SIP                              Store indefinite precision

SLP                             Sharpen light pen

SMR                            Skip on meaningless result

SOS                             Sign off, stupid

SOT                             Sit on a tack

SPD                             Spin dry disc

SPS                             Set panel switches

SRCC                          Select reader and chew cards

SRDR                          Shift right double ridiculous

SRSD                          Seek record and scar disk

SRZ                             Subtract and reset to zero

SSJ                              Select stacker and jam

STA                             Store anywhere

STROM                       Store in read-only memory

Puž Gari
SPSW                          Scramble program status word

SQPC                          Sit quietly and play with your crayons

TARC                          Take arithmetic review course

TDB                             Transfer and drop bits

TLO                             Turn indicator lights off

TN                               Take a nap

TPDH                          Tell programmer to do it him/herself

TPF                             Turn power off

TPN                             Turn power on

TSH                             Trap secretary and halt

TTA                             Try, try again

UCB                            Uncouple CPU and branch

UER                             Update and erase record

ULDA                          Unload accumulator

UNPD                         Unplug and dump

UP                               Understand program

UPCI                           Update card in place

WBT                            Water binary tree

WEMG                        Write eighteen minute gap

WF                              Wait forever

WHFO                        Wait until Hell freezes over

WI                               Write illegibly

WPM                           Write programmer's mind

WSWW                       Work in strange and wondrous ways

WWLR                        Write wrong-length record

XSP                             Execute systems programmer

ZAR                             Zero any register



          E8 The Frog's legacy

(Del prodaje kompjutere)

Majk: Nisam zainteresovan. Zašto ne pitaš Trigera?

Del: Triger? Sa kompjuterom? Mani me se, još se bakće sa prekidačima za svetlo.


Albert: Poslednji put sam probao tako nešto u Egiptu.

Majk: Je li to bilo u lokalnoj krčmi?

Albert: Ne, upao sam u Nil.


Rini: Albert Troter? Kako si.

Albert: Zdravo, Rini curo, kako si?

Rini: Mislila sam da si potonuo sa "Lusitanijom".

Rodni: Kladim se u petaka da jeste.

Bojsi: Sećam je se još od pre mnogo godina. Nikada nije bila skroz čista.

Triger: Ej, to je moja tetka o kojoj pričaš.

Majk: Mora da vam je to porodično.

Del: Ne...! Tetka Rini...? To nije Rini Tarpin?

Rini: Sećaš me se, zar ne?

Del: Sećam li te se? Sećam li te se? Još uvek imam košmare zbog tebe.


Albert: Bila je pravi mali rejver u svojim mlađim danima. Sećaju se toga, tokom rata, imala je više Jenkija nego Ajzenhauer. Čuo sam da je iskrcavanje na Normandiju počelo sa njene suknje.


Tip na pijaci: Samo se pretvara. On je deo svega toga.

Del: Ne, nije... Ne! Nikada se pre nismo sreli, zar ne?

Albert: Ne, Del. Nismo.


Ptičji sastanak
Del: Dođi ovamo!

Albert: Rekao si mi da se pretvaram da mi je bolje pred publikom.

Del: Znam. Nisam ti rekao da izvodiš tačku iz "Pevajući na kiši"! Pojavio si se kao matori otac. I na jedno trljanje masažera pretvorio si se u Vejna Slipa!


Del (o Bojsiju): Tipično za njega, zar ne? Zato je tako bogat, zato što je cicija. On je od onih tipova što kupe konzervu pasulja u utorak kako bi u sredu mogao da se kupa u kadi punoj mehurića.


Rodni: Taj Fredi Žabac. Jel imao neki hobi ili zanimaciju?

Del: "Hobi ili zanimaciju"? Tražimo njegovo zlato, a ne prokleti teniski reket.



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