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EN711 - Nedelja, 28. I 2018./7525.

Logo Leteći bumbar No.711

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2. Statler and Waldorf (1/3)            Engleski jezik

            Dijalozi ona dva matorca iz "Mapeta"

4. Špigl – dvojnici poznatih

            Foto-feljton: Dvojnici poznatih

6. Priče iz Lešnikgrada

            Šta veverice rade u slobodno vreme

7. Bend "One night stand"

            Slike kojim se najavljuje svirka ovog benda

Urednicima ostalih časopisa: Budite fer i ostavite link za ovaj časopis kad već uzimate materijal odavde!

Pažnja! Stavite miša iznad ѕlike da bi dobili prevod ili objašnjenje istih!

Oliver Dragòjević


            Šta mislite, ko su najsmešniji Mapeti? Po mom mišljenju, to su Statler i Waldorf. "Mapet film" ne bi mogao da bude "Mapet film" bez ove dvojice spadala. Njihove opaske, doskočice i šale održavaju komediju Mapeta i ne bi bilo isto bez njih. Niko ih ne smatra lošim tipovima, ali su svi uvek oduševljeni kad se pojave u "Mapetima".


            Episode 203 with Milton Berle:

Both: Funny, Funny!

Berle: Oh, It's you guys! The bear warned me about you two!

Statler: Hey, Berle!

Berle: What?

Statler: You know what? I'm just figure out your style.

Berle: Really?

Statler: You work like Gregory Peck.

Berle: Gregory Peck is not a comedian.

Statler: Well?

Berle: Just a minute, please. I have been a successful comedian for half of my life.

Waldorf: How come we got this half?

Berle: Did you two come in here to be entertained or not?

Statler: That's right.

Berle: What's right?

Statler: We came in here to be entertained and we're not.

Berle: Oh, yeah? I'd love to see you come down here and be funny.

Waldorf: You first!

Berle: "Ha, ha, ha", the audience! "Ha, ha, ha"! Don't pay any attention to old folks. Let me tell the story. (begins to tell the story, when interuppted by Statler again)

Autor: Alehandra Lunik

Statler: Hey, Berle!

Berle: Ohhh... Yeah, what is it? What is it?

Statler: You know what you're doing wrong?

Berle: What I'm doing wrong?

Statler: Standing too close to the audience.

Berle: Oh, yeah? How is this?

Statler: You're still too close.

Berle: Oh, sorry. Is this okay?

Statler: Now little more.

Berle: How far back do you want me to go?

Statler: You got a car?

Berle: Let me tell you something:  If you don't stop, I'll have the Usher throw you out!

Waldorf: He can't. He's too busy.

Berle: Doing what?

Waldorf: Keeping people in!

Berle: (to the audience) And you encourage him! That's what you're doing! (to Statler and Waldorf) You know, guys? I got good mind to punch you in your nose.

Waldorf: Please not while I'm holding it.

Berle: That's very funny.

Waldorf: Ah, you can use it.

Berle: I don't need your material, pal. I got a million funny lines in the back of my head.

Dilan Dog

Statler: How come they never reach your mouth?

Berle: Gentleman! Will you please take it easy? You think I'm doing this for fun?

Statler: Not so far!

Berle: Oh, I see. You think you could do better?

Statler: I couldn't do worse.

Berle: Allright.

Waldorf: We should.

Berle: Oh, yeah? You sing?

Statler: No.

Berle: You dance?

Statler: No.

Berle: Can you get laughs?

Statler: No

Berle: Then what would you do?

Waldorf: Just what you're doing.

Berle: Okay, that's it! That's it! I'm going to call the police!

Statler: Good idea, you need all the protection you can get.

Gonzo: Could I help you out?

Berle: Please.

Gonzo: Which way did you came in?

            ● ● ●

- I always dreamed we'd be back here.

- Those weren't dreams! Those were nightmares!

            ● ● ●

- I guess that all's well, ends well.

- Doesn't matter to me, as long as it ends!

            ● ● ●

- Well, Waldorf, they made it to Broadway.

- Yes, and I already bought tickets.

- Are they good seats?

- Sure are. They're on the next train out of town!

            ● ● ●

- Every week, this show looks better to me.

- Every week, your eyesight gets worse!

            ● ● ●

- Well, how do you like the film?

- I've seen detergents leave a better film than this.

            ● ● ●

Statler: Do you believe in life after death?

Waldorf: Every time I leave this theater.

            ● ● ●

Statler: I wonder if there really is life on another planet.

Waldorf: Why do you care? You don't have a life on this one!

            ● ● ●

Statler: Waldorf!! Wake up! Here come the bikinis!

Waldorf: Oh boy! Let's syncronize our pace makers!

            ● ● ●

Waldorf: What's all the commotion about?

Statler: Waldorf, the bunny ran away!

Waldorf: Well, you know what that makes him…

Both: … smarter than us!

            ● ● ●

Waldorf: They aren't half bad.

Statler: Nope, they're ALL bad!


Kristina Agilera → Bitlđus iz crtaća

TLL 711

            ● ● ●

Statler: Boo!

Waldorf: Boooo!

Statler: That was the worst thing I've ever heard!

Waldorf: It was terrible!

Statler: Horrendous!

Waldorf: Well it wasn't that bad.

Statler: Oh, yeah?

Waldorf: Well, there were parts of it I liked!

Statler: Well, I liked alot of it.

Waldorf: Yeah, it was GOOD actually.

Statler: It was great!

Waldorf: It was wonderful!

Statler: Yeah, bravo!

Waldorf: More!

Statler: More!

Waldorf: More!

Statler: More!

            ● ● ●

            At the end of the Steve Martin episode:

Statler: Well, that was different.

Waldorf: Yep. Lousy...

Both: ...but different!

            ● ● ●

Waldorf: Bravo, bravo!

Statler: Why are you yelling bravo? Did you like it that much?

Waldorf: Nope; friend of mine, Joe Bravo, he's sitting in the front row. Bravo!

Kaciga Zverko

            ● ● ●

Statler: (after putting on his 3-D glasses) Hey, hey look! Look at the guy in the Goofy mask! (…) That's not a mask. Oh, sorry lady!

      ● ● ●

(commenting on the scenery for Piggy's number)

Waldorf: Isn't it lovely?

Statler: Yeah. Too bad they're gonna spoil it with a pig.

            ● ● ●

Statler: (on Bean's reuniting with the other Muppets) This is a very moving moment.

Waldorf: Yeah; I wish they'd move it to Pittsburgh!

            ● ● ●

Statler: Wake up you old fool. You slept through the show.

Waldorf: Who's a fool? You watched it.

            ● ● ●

Statler: Is your hearing aid fixed?

Waldorf: No.

Statler: Then how do you know what I'm saying?

Waldorf: I don't!

Statler: Oh. (does double take)

            ● ● ●

Statler: I like the steel Drums!

Waldorf: What?!?


Waldorf: I beleive it! They'll take anything that isn't bolted down!

            ● ● ●

Statler: You did it! You saved the Pig and Frog!

Waldorf: Well, it was too late to save the movie!

            ● ● ●

Statler: Brrrr. It's freezing in here. Waldorf when you come back can you give me my coat?

(Waldorf brings Statler a goat)

Statler: Your hearing aid's busted again.

            ● ● ●

            From the "Muppets Take Manhattan":

Waldorf: Did you get us tickets?

Statler: You bet! They're for a bus out of town!

            ● ● ●

Statler: Can you sing tenor?

Waldorf: What?

Statler: Can you sing tenor, as in ten or eleven miles away from here.

            ● ● ●

            S & W are wearing flamboyant Elton John-style costumes:

Statler: Boy, we really look like something from the rock age!

Waldorf: No, we look more like something from the Stone Age!

            ● ● ●

            From Halooween Issue, Fozzie Bear tell some jokes about ghosts:

Statler: Hey, bear! The only thing scarey around here is the fact you're still in comedy!

Waldorf: Yeah! The only thing in this issue that won't come back from the dead is your act!

Statler: Face it! In the field of entertainment, you don't stand a GHOST of a chance!

Both: Dwoah! Ho ho ho!!!

            ● ● ●

Statler: "Take a trip" you said. "See the world you said" you said. Now we're stuck on the front of this stupid ship.

Waldorf: It could be worse. We could be stuck in the audience.

            ● ● ●

(watching Fozzie perform on roller-skates)

Waldorf: Hey, this is a great way for Fozzie to do his material!

Statler: Yeah, a moving target is harder to hit!

            ● ● ●

Statler: He was doing okay until he fell off the stage.

Waldorf: Wrong. He was doing okay until he came ON the stage!

(at the end of the roller-skate bit)

            ● ● ●

Waldorf: You know, on the show that wasn't funny.

Statler: True, true.

Waldorf: But on a record it doesn't even make sense.

            ● ● ●

Waldorf: Eh, Statler?

Statler: Yah, what?

Waldorf: Is that it?

Statler: Yes, its over. How'd you like it?

Waldorf: I don't know, I slept through the whole thing.

Statler: Well, you didn't miss much.

            ● ● ●

Waldorf: Say, Statler, do you think "The Muppet Show" will be any better live?

Statler: At our age, it's good to be around anything live.

            ● ● ●

Waldorf: Well, at least it's only for one night.

Statler: Year, but that's the same thing they told us 25 years ago…

(nastavak u broju №712)


            Uz najavu svirke iduće subote u "Ajnfortu" (Novi Sad, Zmaj Jovina 24), članovi benda "One night stand" su objavili i nekoliko zanimljivih slika u kojima se zezaju među sobom. Objavljujemo one najzanimljivije.

            Redakcija im se zahvaljuje što su nam dozvolili da ih objavimo. Ako bude bio dobar, pustićemo urednika na svirku.


One night stand 1

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